About Me

By nature, I’m a scared person, a Barney Fife and a spiritual swooner. All my life I’ve battled timidity and felt near crippling intimidation. And yet, God has carried me through all kinds of things. And on top of that He’s somehow done the impossible. He’s turned my terror and trepidation into wonder at what He can do. And He’s given me joy on every journey. He’s carried me through small things like swimming lessons, summer camp, and airplane rides, and big things like teaching in Africa, infertility, and depression.

Through it all God’s Word has counseled me and His Spirit has comforted me. That’s what I want for you. Whether you’re facing an exciting and new thing or an old and painful thing, or whether you’re just in that season of waiting for something to happen, I want to encourage you.

I love the bible. When I read it, something in it comes alive to me. It speaks to where I am. It gives me words to live by and cling to. I find it wonderfully transparent, amazingly relevant, and I have found that the principles in it, though sometimes strange, play out true. I love the verse that says God’s word is a light for my path. When I read God’s word, I find what I need to take my next step on the path of faith in front of me.

I love Jesus. In Him I have found a friend that never fails. A friend that accepts me when I am wrong and rude, trembling and frightened, confused, angry and acting out. Jesus knows how to handle me. And, I’m grateful. I can’t help but boast about Him. I am constantly amazed that he does not walk away from me, but instead gives me, not lectures or a finger shaking, but compassion and good things. I want other people to know this man. I want us to see more of who He is, the real Him, not our imagined version.

Hey, I want to cheer you up. Not with platitudes, and pats on the back, but with life giving truth. That’s what I have found in God, and that’s what I offer you. I hope we will become friends.

Facts about me:


  1. 49 years old
  2. Married to Jake (23 years)
  3. A former Elementary School teacher
  4. A Pastor’s Wife

Ministries I have enjoyed:

Leading Bible Studies (in church, in jail, to ladies in my town) Serving Food (at church and in my community), Counseling People (with my husband), Writing Devotionals (for a small newspaper), Teaching ESL (to refugees), Making Friends (with migrant kids).

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