Prepare for Your Big Day


As God’s people approached the Promised Land 12 spies were sent out to survey it.  Upon returning 10 spies said, “It’s true. The land does flow with milk and honey and the fruit is enormously good!  BUT, our worst enemies live there and we are as small as grasshoppers compared to them.  We cannot enter, we’ll be devoured.”  The other 2 spies said, “Yes, the land is gloriously good, and the enemy is daunting.  BUT, the Lord is with us.  Don’t be scared!”  Of the 12 spies, only those 2 lived to enter the Promised Land.

I have wondered what made those 2 spies different.  I mean, everyone had been on the same trail through the very same wilderness.  Everyone ate the same food and had the same water to drink.  So what gives?

I think those 2 spies were just different all along.  I think that when manna fell from heaven for the umpteenth time and others were saying, “Not again” or “Same old same old” those 2 said instead, “Thank you.”  I think when the people were really thirsty and Moses struck that rock and everyone cried out, “Finally!  We were dying of thirst!” those 2 said instead, “Wow.  Awesome.”  I think when those wilderness wanderers encountered yet another hardship and the general population complained, “Let’s turn back!” or “Why did we ever come out here?” those 2 said instead, “Lord, help us.”  I think that day by day those 2 spies had responded in faith (gratitude, awe, and prayer) to all the smaller things, so that when it came time for the big thing, they were ready. 

We really do prepare for our big moments and big days, in small moments today.     

Whoever is faithful in small matters, will be faithful in large ones.   Luke 16:10 GNT

You Don’t Drink Alone

Tea Cup

My niece Anne gave me a cup. The china is Lenox, the pattern is Chirp, and the cup was given to invite me into a fellowship. Aunt Bee started this fellowship that has one mandate: use the cup to drink your morning coffee and remember each other as you do. A beautiful and simple idea.

Our Lord Jesus drank from a special cup. It was a cup of suffering and pain. A cup full of hard things to swallow. It was a cup of trusting God when things get really difficult. A cup of keeping your vision when darkness closes in. It was a cup of sticking to the plan when the plan isn’t fun. A cup of doing things God’s way even if it seems unfair. It was cup of persevering during times of loneliness and betrayal. It was a cup of forgiving. And above all, it was a cup of salvation. Jesus drank from this cup.  And he and said his followers will drink from it too.

Can you accept this cup? Will you decide to walk through hard times God’s way? If so, one of the first joys you’ll know is that you never drink alone. Jesus knows what you’re going through and He is with you. I am too.

“For we do not have a high priest [Jesus] who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are– yet was without sin.”

Hebrews 4:15 NIV

How to Build Anything

In the book of Nehemiah the people of God have a huge task in front of them.  They are rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.  From rubble.  Halfway through their work they are attacked by a powerful weapon.  Words.  “What are those feeble Jews doing?” the enemy says.  “Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble?  If even a fox climbs on that wall it will break.”  Do you feel the sarcasm?  Do you see the shame and doubt those words carry?  As Nehemiah counters the attack his method is noteworthy.  He doesn’t speak to his enemy, he speaks to God.  In prayer he lets out his hurt and frustration.  Then he and his people return to the task at hand.  That’s called focus.

When God is doing something in us or through us, Satan will oppose it with his words.  The words will attack our mind.  They will ridicule and aim to shame.  They will cause doubts to rise up.  “Do you really think you can change?  It didn’t work the last time you tried?”  “Look at the situation you’re in.  Do you really believe God can make something out of it?”  When thoughts like these enter your mind, don’t argue with yourself.  Pray to God.  Ask Him to address what assails you.  Then return to the task he’s called you to do.

“Remember the Lord who is great and awesome.”  Nehemiah 4:14