Tracks in the Snow

0001We finally got a snow.  I peered out the upstairs window at the end of my hall, looked down at the beautifully blanketed backyard, and was surprised to see animal tracks all over the place.  What shocked me were the rabbit tracks.  They were everywhere.  So that’s what’s really going on around here.  I smiled as I took it all in.  I had no idea so much was happening right in my own backyard.  That’s just one thing I love about snow.  I get to see evidence of all that is going on while I’m not watching or paying attention.  And I am reminded that God is at work in my life more than I realize.

Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working.”                                                                                                John 5:17 NIV

5 thoughts on “Tracks in the Snow”

  1. I have come to count on what I don’t see because God said some things that in the light of this world have become my only hope and what a great hope it is. How wonderful to see what was already true thank you Lord I know you got this.


  2. The New Year lies before you
    Like a spotless track of snow
    Be careful how you tread on it
    For every mark will show


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