I’m Here for You


One thing the cross teaches us is not to flee when things get hard.  On the cross Jesus was showing us that he could endure when things were tough.  That he could be there for people, though they abandoned him, disappointed him, rejected him.  Jesus knew how to stay when staying was hard.  It’s the nature of God.  Though it pains him, he will keep his promise of love.

Faithful love.  It’s what we all want.  Sometimes we suffer because people are unfaithful in their love for us.  Sometimes we suffer trying to faithfully love others.  Either way, all is solved at the cross.  Jesus goes first in giving and forgiving.  And if we follow him, he gives us strength to do the same.

Remember, in your worst moments, Jesus is with you.  He won’t leave your side.  Ever.  He’s not there because he has to be, he’s not grudgingly hanging around, he’s not tapping his foot or glancing at his watch.  He really loves you.  He wants to be with you.  Even if no one else does.  Do you truly know that?  If so, then you are ready to share it.

Is there some tough place in your world that Jesus intends to show up through you today?  Is there somewhere he’s calling roll hoping you’ll say “I’m here”?

                                          “Love each other as I have loved you.”   John 15:12  NIV


5 thoughts on “I’m Here for You”

  1. This devotion touched me deeply. Dana’s faithful love to me helped me realize better Jesus’ covenant love for me. No matter what He is sticking with me. That thought makes me desire faithfully love God all the more. Thank you my loving wife.


  2. You have the ability to make me laugh and cry in the shortest periods of time my friend 🙂 You are an inspiration to many…including your sweet husband…I love how God has blessed you both…because you are both faithful to look and lead in one direction…the only direction …”the cross” = “faithful love” 🙂


  3. I learned something new when I worked on this piece. I learned that even though the cross was tough, Jesus wanted to be there. He had settled that in the garden. He wasn’t wishing he were somewhere else. Amazing. Jesus really has a Divine heart.


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