The Most Beautiful Thing in the Room

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It’s a scene I won’t forget.  The party is winding down and I look across the table.  My dad and his 93 year old sister, my aunt, are sitting face to face and knee to knee.  My aunt’s eyes are shining and she is smiling.  She has never looked more beautiful as she listens to what my dad is telling her.  She is hanging on his every word.  I can’t hear much of the conversation, but I hear enough to understand what’s happening.  My dad is orienting her.  My aunt is forgetting a lot these days and he’s reminding her of things.  Things like their shared history and who they are to each other.  “I’m your younger brother” and “We used to….”  What strikes me is my dad’s kindness.  He’s done this for his sister before, yet he patiently does it again.  He’s fully present.  His efforts are wholehearted.  And most notably, his actions show that he doesn’t believe he’s missing out on “bigger” or “better” talks with others.  Beautiful.

The party ended.  And while there were many special moments that night, the one I can’t shake from my mind’s eye is that one I witnessed with my dad and my aunt.  I wonder why I keep coming back to it.  Then it hits me, and I know.  My dad is like Jesus.  And I am my aunt.  I get so easily disoriented, confused and agitated by things that happen in my world, unable to make sense of emotions and struggles inside my soul…  Then Jesus comes near.  And he patiently and kindly orients me.  He reminds me of our shared history.  Of who he is to me and who I am to him.  “I am the way” and “You are my child…”  He has the clarity I lack.  He speaks the truth I need.  And, the fact that Jesus could be involved in far more exciting discussions with much more interesting, influential and “on top of it” people, well… it melts me.  What other god acts like this?  Bends down and sits, face to face and knee to knee, with humanity?  Beautiful.

                 “Come… and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.”

                                                                                            Matthew 11:28 NIV


9 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Thing in the Room”

  1. I love this, Dana. Thank you for this lovely reminder of our Jesus. Your mom has told me a bit about your aunt. What a spunky lady! It touches me the way they so lovingly care for her. What a dear dad and mom you have! Both of them have been an inspiration to me…and to so many others. Blessings on you and your ministry there in Virginia …and keep writing! In His love, ~~Bettie


  2. Of course, I love this picture & the story that touched your heart…now touches mine. Thanks for taking me deeper than the visible!!!


  3. Manifestation of the holy! I recently asked your mom if you had posted any writing recently! This one is worth waiting for!


  4. What a touching story and sweet picture of my aunt and uncle! Pris is precious and your daddy is a dear brother to her and my dad!


  5. Dana, I have been weighted down with my pathetic little world and God told me to go to your blog! There was your dad with Priscilla. I loved what you wrote and we have experienced it first hand as your dad stood by Ed’s hospital bed, in our home, talked to him and prayed with him. Thank you for the reminder that Jesus comes down to us and through people like your dad.


  6. Ladies, thank you for appreciating the beauty of Christ’s character with me! Yes Phyllis, I praise God because he enters our pathetic places (even our sinful places) with tenderness and kindness. He comes near and loves when many would back away. I hope to grow in being like Him. He is unstoppable when it comes to mercy.


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